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Hello Everyone!! Welcome back to my blog and unfortunately this would be my last blog for a short while, I know that’s tragic. I hope everyone learned a lot from my previous blog posts.

Without further-a-dieu, let’s get started into sharing my experience of the 3rd DICE Conference that took place in the Helix, DCU, on Tuesday 11th April 2017, from 4-6pm “#GetDigital”. This conference was shorter than the previous talks as it just had 3 special speakers despite the shorter talks, it was still bursting with captivating and prepossessing topic on how technology has improved over the years.

Side mention, my group for DICE, started a game entitled “You’re Hired’ is a game that focuses on the topic of Human Resource Management strategies. The main purpose of this game is to help the Leaving Certificate business students to understand the functions of Human Resource Managers. Our game allows the user to step into the shoes of a human resource manager, this in turn shows the user the actions and decisions made by a HRM on a day to day basis.

Click our blog for further details and try the game for yourself:




A little research regarding digital technology. Technology is defined as the purposeful application of the information of the designs, production and utilization of goods or services of an organisation of activities. The history of technology, focuses on the inventing, producing and using the material artifacts from the application of the analogy as a device. Technology is filled with examples of machines that are slowly changing over the time and replacing the older models to new ones before they even lost their purpose and functions.

Modern theory of technological evolution would not be built on an evocation of Darwinism for the purpose of literary and social satire. In today’s century, students have memorized a large choice of tools that they need to master with tshutterstock_289527173.jpghe same level of skills. It all started with computers to calculator to MP3 players to camera phones to other devices that are extensions of the brains. It is now the processof education and evaluating the students that helps to make it more sense to them. For organisations, it is clear that technology is hugely important to organisations, particularly to technology related sectors such as financial technology. There are numerous ways in which technology will influence organisations. It will be hugely influential in the way in which organisations will conduct their business in future. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with a volatile economy such as has emerged as a result of Brexit.

I found this video that shows to what the future technology still has to SURPRISE the WORLD!!

384606.jpgFirst off, Dr. Johnny Walker, CEO and founder of Health Founders. Jinga Life is a platform of a personal Electronic Health Record for all member of the family that is managed and handled by them. Members can get connected to this care for 24 hours for a day and 7 days a week.

Jinga’s purpose is to change the way of caring for people by using technology that helps them to care themselvScreen Shot 2017-04-29 at 21.16.19.pnges personally. Going back to Dr. Johnny Walker a compassionate and innovative speaker. He shared his story by telling us his first few patients were aboriginal pregnant women in the bushes. He put his heart and soul delivering the babies in the world safely and secure despite the lack of tools. Having to construct ultrasounds at a back of a truck. Some patients could have some complications during their pregnancy such as, women can be diabetic that can cause severe infection causing both of them to die.  Only solution is to bring the woman to the hospital that can provide the care needed, but some may refused due to their own beliefs, which made him think of different wys of the healthcare system. TELECONSULTATScreen Shot 2017-04-29 at 22.41.23.pngION. Walker decided to redesign the health care system using the advanced digital technology. Through the accessibility of internet connection, patients can now beconsulted in their own time and location. This will help to reduce the number of employees taking leave off work to attend their appointment. Doctors are also beneficial of the idea, time will be managed efficiently. It has estimated that in 2025, digital healthcare will be in demand of €2.3 trillion which is astonishing to think knowing that digital healthcare now is pecuniary. Considering Jinga Life, keeping people healthy and out of hospitals allowing the patients to have consultation on their own. We just need to engage and educate the people of the idea of digital. This is clear enough to conclude that firms can already operate more effective and efficient while getting their patients treated quicker and safer. Clearly, digital is the future in all industry.

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david erixon.jpg
Next up onto the stage was David Erixon, the Head of Digital and Consumer Innovation at one of the top banks in Ireland, Ulster Bank. He talked about the purpose if the Digital Technology, the effects of monetary supply and emphasizes the future of money.

First, he talked about the situation of countries such as Sweden and Scandinavia. Over 2% of money transaction is done physically. Whereas here in Ireland, 75% retail transaction is conducted using physical currency, which is shocking compare to Sweden that has one of the oldeulster.pngst central bank in the world, because of that, the central bank decided to introduce a new form of currency that is exclusively DIGITAL! The future of the banking industry is not what we see: banking counters, Automatic Teller Machines or overdrafts. We will see digital. Currently over 22 brunches closed down that causes increase of unemployment rate. According to their survey, over 30 customers a day uses the branches unless it is pay day.

Erixon believes that the future of Ulster Bank lies in an app. The wealth of the bank lies in the young generation who trust technology more than the current banking system. Personally, my family barely set foot in our local AIB branch here in Kildare, they use their mobile banking app instead. Here’s a quick video explaining the idea of Apple Pay.

Unknown.jpegAlistair Croll, our next and last speaker for that evening the author of the book entitled “Lean Analytics” and the public speaker for more than 20 years, talked about the innovation of technology. He emphasizes technology change was not that interesting, the discontinuities were. Discontinuities is how an unexpected or unforeseen event can totally confound all earlier expectations. It is defined as the point in time were perceived, described, expressed, characterized and classified of things no longer see the same way. He described a series of discontinuities such as monoculture resulting from farmers being efficient at growing one crop. This then lead to a surplus of one crop and a shortage of another. People reacted to this by introducing trade so as to balance out and fulfil their needs of certain crops. Technological advanced of vehicles allows farms to function efficiently, resulting the work less required in farms. Before it was 70% live on farms, guess the percentage of people live on farm? 1%, yes you read the right.

Croll explained that we should look at what becomes more scarce when something else creates abundance. He also said that the abundance will create a large increase on demand. All of instances of abundance and consequences reveal new markets and opportunities to Unknown-1.jpegbe innovated. Croll clearly emphasizes the message that we can never predict what the future has something for us and towards the reaction of the people when it will happen.

After the 2 Hours conference, it taught me how dramatically the technology changed over the years. Business will have to adopt with these changes, it requires full attention and virtue to be able to implement the changes successfully. Future entrepreneur, it is imperative to state and prepare ourselves for the new markets and opportunities available in the future. Let us start our adventuring in figuring out what the future holds.   images.jpeg



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